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The advancement of technology in contact lens design means that,these days,almost anyone can be fitted with contact lenses.

There are now lenses to correct astigmatism,and also varifocal designs,even in daily soft contact lens form.

Modern contact lenses are comfortable from the first day of use,and most people are pleasantly surprised at how quickly they adapt to the routine of wearing them.

At Matthews opticians,we offer FREE contact lens assessment appointments where your eyes are evaluated,measured,and you can be informed of the options available to you.We can then supply FREE trial contact lenses so that you can wear them and ensure that you are perfectly happy before buying.

We then offer contact lens purchase at very reasonable rates.Our contact lens care schemes ensure that you are covered for contact lenses,solutions and aftercare appointments for a monthly fee. (Please contact us for more details).

Steve Lockey has been a contact lens optician for over 30 years,fitting not only normal lenses,but also more complicated designs for medical and therapeutic reasons.

Like all our Optometrists and Dispensing opticians,Steve continues to keep up to date with current technology and knowledge by attending courses and advanced training.

Feel free to call and discuss contact lens options,prices,and book a free assessment!



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