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Spectacle lenses

Our qualified Dispensing Opticians are highly trained to advise on the options regarding your spectacle lenses.  These days lenses can be made in high density materials, making them thinner and optically superior.


The technology involved in lenses manufacturing has advanced at a remarkable pace, and your prescription can be made more optically perfect, thinner and tougher these days than ever before.  Multi anti reflection coatings make lenses scratch resistant, anti mist, uv protective and even hydrophobic - meaning they do not remain wet in the rain!

the importance of protection against ultraviolet light is proven these days, so tints are also more advanced, cutting out uv light and enhancing contrast.  Transitions photochromic lenses give the correct amount of tint to suit the conditions as well as always giving 100% uv protection.


In particular, varifocal lens designs have improved markedly in recent years, giving "high definition" vision at all distances.  

Some optical practices only use one spectacle lens manufacturer but, as an I dependant practice we firmly believe that we should have access to any lens available.  We therefore use top lens manufacturers like Nikon, Essilor, Zeiss and Hoya to ensure the best quality lens designs.


We always give a "satisfaction guarantee" with our spectacles so ensuring that you are covered in the unlikely event of experiencing any difficulties and can rest assured that we will resolve any problem or query that arises.




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